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Bulk Domain TLD Check – your efficient tool for extensive TLD analyses. Quickly and easily bulk check up to 200 domains simultaneously for up to 15 different TLDs.

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Bulk TLD domain check with - specialized in Bulk Domain TLD Checks, allows you to check alternative TLDs for a variety of domains quickly and efficiently. As a domainer, you know that the strength of a keyword is often reflected in the number of registered TLDs. A keyword with many registered TLDs is considered more desirable and valuable. intervenes right here and offers you an essential overview: You get key data points about alternative TLDs that help you make informed decisions about buying, selling or holding domains.

The tool utilizes DNS over HTTPS, directly in your browser, allowing you to check the availability of domains in real time with your own ip address. At, the focus is on ease of use: fast results that significantly speed up your workflow. Whether you're looking for hidden gems in aftermarket drop lists or evaluating the potential of your current portfolio, is your fast and intuitive domain trading companion.

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In the dynamic world of domain trading, speed is king and information is worth its weight in gold.

This is exactly where comes in to give you a decisive advantage. The tool offers fast bulk domain TLD checks and provides you with valuable insights that can refine your decisions.

  • Fast and comprehensive TLD analysis: Utilizing the latest technology, DNS over HTTPS, delivers lightning-fast results. You have the freedom to choose from all TLDs available in the DNS system. Whether you want to check a large number of domains at once or investigate individual domains, our tool does the job efficiently and accurately.
  • Make informed decisions: Domain experts know that the number of registered TLDs for a keyword is often an indicator of its value. provides you with this crucial data in a sorted list so that you can quickly assess the quality and potential of domains. This allows you to make informed decisions about buying, selling or holding domains.
  • Ease of use and efficiency: Time is invaluable in domain trading. is designed to be easy to use and get you the information you need quickly.
  • Ideal for droplist screening and portfolio management: is perfect for searching for hidden gems in droplists or evaluating the strengths of your existing portfolio. The tool helps you to quickly identify the most promising domains and effectively optimize your portfolio.

With, you gain a decisive advantage in the fast-moving domain market, which many experienced domainers already use. This tool gives you the opportunity to keep up with the pros.

Understanding and interpreting the results uses DNS over HTTPS in your own browser to perform a quick and efficient check of the DNS A record for each domain. This method is reliable in most cases (around 90%) as the DNS configuration is correct. However, there are cases (about 10%) where the DNS configuration is deliberately or unknowingly not set correctly, which can lead to misjudgments.

TLDs that are marked "red" in the results mean that they do not resolve correctly, but this does not always mean that they are freely available. In some cases, these domains may already be registered, especially if they are reserved or so-called ultra-premium domains, which are often registered but not correctly configured in the DNS.

In order to determine the actual status of a domain beyond doubt, we recommend that you also carry out a Whois check with the respective registry. This step gives you clarity as to whether the domain is actually free or has already been registered.